Friday, September 24, 2010

A day in the life of...

We start our day around 8:30am, sometimes later sometimes earlier but typically my 3 yr old thunders down the stairs at that time.

Shower -for me
and getting dressed follows

on Mondays we clean then we make a grocery store run after baby's nap
on Tuesdays we clean, unless it's the 2nd or 4th Tuesday in which case we make a mad dash out the house by 8:50am to get to MOPS
on Wednesdays we run out the door at 9:30am to get to the library hour
on Thursdays we clean then play
on Fridays we clean, unless it's the 1st or 3rd Friday in which case we again make a mad dash out the house for our MOPS playdate


on Mondays we have homeschool
on Tuesdays we bake and homeschool
on Wednesdays we homeschool
on Thursdays we homeschool
on Fridays we do crafts

Dinner-5:30 (M, W, Th) 6:00 (T, F)

on Mondays we have dance
on Tuesdays we play
on Wednesdays we have Awana for Kaitlyn, Nursery for Blake and Class for Mummy
on Thursdays we have dance
on Fridays we annixously await Daddy coming home! (most Fridays...if not we watch a movie)

Bed for the kiddos is 8pm for Kaitlyn and whenever I can get Blakey down after that, usually he's out by 8:40pm.

Mummy then blogs, does homework for her Masters program, cleans up the kitchen, watches her shows and attempts to be in bed by 11:30pm!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cleaning Schedule

The kitchen is cleaned nightly, I wipe down the counters and load the dishwasher/unload as needed, the floor is swept nightly as well. I also use the hand vaccum to pick up around the table after meals.
Saturday and Sunday are family days, so we don't do any cleaning besides the kitchen pick up in the evenings. 

-Deep clean master bedroom
                   ~ dust
                   ~ change sheet (alternate weeks)
                   ~ wipe down fan
                   ~ vaccum
                   ~ clean mirror
-Deep clean master/guest bathroom
                   ~ wipe down counters
                   ~ clean toilet
                   ~ wash shower
                   ~ vaccum rugs
                   ~ mop floors
                   ~ clean mirrors
                   ~ mine and hubbys

-Deep cleaning Living room/Dining room/Hallways
                  ~ dust TV, coffee table, glasses, DVD holder, hall side table
                  ~ clean windows
                  ~ wipe down dining table
                  ~ vaccum carpets
                  ~ mop tile floor
                  ~ diapers

- Clean stairs
                 ~ kids

-Deep clean kids rooms
                 ~ pick up toys
                 ~ dust
                 ~ clean mirror in K's room
                 ~ clean change talbe in B's room
                 ~ clean windows
                 ~ vaccum
-Deep clean kids bathroom
                  ~ wipe counters
                  ~ wash bath/shower
                  ~ clean mirrors
                  ~ vaccum rugs
                  ~ mop floor
-Take trash out
                  ~ diapers